Ohio State Chiropractic Board Staff

Elizabeth N. Moore
Executive Director
Board’s Chief enforcement officer and is responsible for enforcing the laws and rules governing the practice of chiropractic in Ohio. She also oversees all activities and programs of the Board office and carries out the directives of the Board.

Kendra Lindsey
Executive Assistant
The Executive Assistant is responsible for the administration of clerical support, personnel, training, telecommunications, fiscal, travel, payroll, and employee benefit issues. This position also serves as a liaison to the Board members for their administrative support needs.

Researches records and gathers information to assist the Board’s enforcement staff and coordinates licensing, examinations, license renewal and continuing education and provides support to the Board and staff.

Kimberly Stein
Kim conducts investigations of complaints and violations of federal, state and local laws, and the laws and rules governing the practice of chiropractic in Ohio, including specialized, complex and long-term investigations.




Elizabeth N. Moore, Executive Director
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Columbus, OH 43215
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