In accordance with Board Rule 4734-11-01, the Board may grant the following considerations to military personnel applicants:

1.     Licensure

A veteran, or the spouse of a veteran, who applies for a chiropractic license and presents satisfactory evidence of the service member’s discharge under honorable conditions in any component of the armed forces of the U.S. or a reserve component of the armed forces of the U.S., including the Ohio National Guard or the National Guard of any other state, shall be notified of his or her eligibility status for the Board’s Jurisprudence exam no later than 3 business days following receipt of their credentials.

In order to expedite licensure, and at the Board’s discretion, an applicant may be approved to take the Jurisprudence exam and be issued a license to practice chiropractic pending receipt of a credential(s), provided a complete application and fee have been received.

Click on the Apply for a License drop down menu for instructions on filing an application for licensure.            

If an applicant also wishes to obtain an acupuncture certificate, the applicant may apply and request that the $100 application fee be waived.

2.     Temporary Licensure

If an individual’s spouse is on active military duty in Ohio, the individual may apply for a temporary license to practice chiropractic. The individual may also apply for a temporary certificate to practice acupuncture if he or she possesses the necessary qualifications.

The fee for a temporary chiropractic license is $75 and is valid for up to 12 months and may be extended up to 24 months for good cause shown.  There is no fee for a temporary acupuncture certificate.

Each applicant must provide evidence of their spouse’s active military duty in Ohio.

Each applicant must submit a complete application and credentials for licensure. Click here to download the application and instructions:

If you have any questions regarding military considerations, please contact the Board.


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