Preceptorship programs are clinical programs in which interns (chiropractic students) participate under direct supervision of preceptor (Ohio licensed chiropractic physician). 

Student Interns must apply for an Intern license in order to participate in a preceptorship program in Ohio. Interns may only participate in a preceptorship program within the dates approved by their doctor of chiropractic degree program and the Board. All preceptorships terminate upon the intern’s graduation.

Ohio licensed chiropractic physicians must apply for approval to preceptor an intern. Licensees must be continuously licensed and actively practicing in Ohio for 5 years preceding the date of the preceptorship in order to apply to preceptor. 

Only Board-approved doctor of chiropractic degree programs may conduct preceptorship programs in Ohio. Click here for a list of Board-approved programs


All applicants for an Intern License must apply online through the eLicense portal. Once you have reviewed the information on this page, proceed to the eLicense portal (using Chrome or Fire Fox- the portal is not compatible with Explorer) and register and create a new user account to file your application.

Required Documents

You must upload the following documents in the portal with your application:

  • Academic Dean’s Attestment
  • A passport type photograph taken within the preceding six months no smaller than 2”x 2” and no larger than 3”x 5.”
  • Supporting documentation for affirmative answers related to Background Questions, if applicable:
  • Criminal Case Form


The Preceptor must complete a PRECEPTOR APPLICATION and submit it along with proof of valid malpractice insurance to the Board office. Submission may be via mail, email or fax. 


Interns may NOT participate in a preceptorship program until the Board has issued an approval letter to the intern and preceptor. Acting as an intern without Board approval may be considered practicing without a license and preceptors who allow an intern to practice prior to Board approval could be subject to disciplinary sanction.

Interns may only participate in the preceptorship program within the dates approved by the chiropractic college and the Board. All preceptorships terminate upon the intern’s graduation.

Failure to provide the information requested and/or failure to answer application questions truthfully and completely may lead to denial of the preceptorship. All interns and preceptors have an ongoing obligation to update and supplement the information and responses on their applications.

A copy of the rules governing the Board’s Preceptorship program can be found on our website. Interns and Preceptors are responsible for acting within these rules and all rules of the Board. For additional information please visit our website at or contact the Board office at

Click here for the Board’s rule pertaining to preceptorships


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