Consumers F.A.Q.

Q. Can I file my complaint anonymously?
A. Yes. However, keep in mind that the Board is prohibited by law to divulge the identity of a complainant. Anonymous complaints are difficult to investigate without the ability to contact the complainant.

Q. If the Board investigates my complaint, won’t that disclose to the doctor that I filed a complaint?
A. The Board investigates complaints from a variety of sources. While your doctor may try to assume you filed a complaint against him or her, the Board will not divulge or confirm or deny the identity of a complainant to the doctor.

Q. Can the Board assist me with obtaining a refund from my chiropractor?
A. It is not within the Board’s authority to facilitate refunds.

Q. Will the Board notify me of the results of my investigation?
A. Investigations of the Board are confidential. However, if a licensee is disciplined, that information is public. To determine if a chiropractic physician has been subject to disciplinary action:

  • Visit the eLicense Portal.
  • Type in the doctor’s first and last name.
  • If a doctor has a disciplinary record, the Board Action? column will indicate “Yes.” 
  • To view the public disciplinary documents, click on the doctor’s License/Endorsement # and click on the View More Info box.
  • Click on the View link at the bottom of the page to view or download the discipline.

Q. Are chiropractic physicians required to release patient records?
A. Ohio Revised Code Section 3701.74 requires healthcare providers to release patient medical records. A patient, a patient's personal representative, or an authorized person who wishes to examine or obtain a copy of part or all of a medical record must submit a written request signed by the patient, personal representative, or authorized person dated not more than one year before the date on which it is submitted. The request must indicate whether the copy is to be sent to the requestor, physician or chiropractor, or held for the requestor at the office of the health care provider. The healthcare provider is required to release the records within a reasonable time after receiving the request for release.

Q. My doctor will not give me my x-rays. I paid for them, aren’t they mine?
A. Chiropractic physicians are required by law to maintain patient records, including x-rays. If you need a copy of your x-rays your doctor can either provide you with a written report of findings, or can provide you with an actual copy of your x-rays (for which you may be charged a fee).

Q. My doctor wants to charge me for a copy of my records. Why do I have to pay for them?
A. Ohio Revised Code Section 3701.741 permits healthcare providers to charge a fee to provide copies of medical records. To view the schedule of fees, please see ORC Section 3701.741.

Q. Can I file a complaint with the Board if my chiropractor will not release my records?
A. Yes. However, before you file a complaint with the Board, make sure you have complied with Ohio’s medical records release requirements outlined in ORC Section 3701.74 and that a reasonable amount of time has elapsed since you filed your request with your doctor.

Q. Where can I learn more about chiropractic?
A. The American Chiropractic Association


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