CE Requirements

CE hours for your next renewal must be earned between April 1, 2020 and March 31, 2022


  • No in-state earning requirement.
  • No limit on out of state or online CE hours.
  • Chiropractors who simultaneously hold an acupuncture certificate are only required to earn 36 hours to renew both licenses.

CE is defined as: Programs at which attendees interact with the instructor and the instructor can speak directly with the participants.

Online CE is defined as: Interactive online learning in which the user registers, logs in, and is tracked and timed in a database where all aspects of attendance is monitored.

Approved Chiropractic CE topics: acupuncture; chiropractic philosophy and history; clinical diagnosis and examination procedures; diagnostic imaging; clinical documentation; electrodiagnostics; emergency procedures; laboratory procedures; manipulation and adjusting procedures; neurology; nutrition; orthopedics; physiological therapeutics; principles and practice of chiropractic; professional boundaries; public health, hygiene, sanitation; rehabilitative procedures/exercise; and other subjects related to the practice of chiropractic as deemed appropriate by the board. NOTE RISK MANAGEMENT IS NOT AN APPROVED TOPIC.

Approved Acupuncture topics: Programs comprised of topics that enhance acupuncture education and competency.

Board mandated CE topics: boundaries and/or trauma informed care; human trafficking awareness; and/or laws and rules of the board.
* Ethics and professionalism are no longer Board Mandated CE topics.

General Requirements for ALL CE Programs

  • Must have significant intellectual or practical content;
  • Primary objective must be to improve professional competence; 
  • Topics of clinical benefit to consumers; 
  • Instructors qualified by education or experience to provide instruction in the subject matter; 
  • Presented in a setting suited to the educational activity of the program; 
  • Content based upon scientific evidence generally accepted by the profession

Click here for additional specific Online CE requirements.

CE requirement for chiropractic license renewal:         34 Chiropractic hours
                                                                                                  + 2 Board mandated topic hours
                                                                                                   36 Total CE hours

CE requirement for chiropractors who                           22 Chiropractic hours
also possess an acupuncture certificate:                     12 Acupuncture hours
                                                                                                  + 2 Board mandated topic hours
                                                                                                   36 Total CE hours

Prohibited CE:

  • Authoring articles
  • Programs conducted via CD; DVD; audio programs; reading books, articles, or journals; home study courses; correspondence courses; and other mechanisms of self-instruction

Prohibited topics: billing and coding in relation to upcoding or enhanced billing and/or coding techniques; risk management; malpractice defense; practice management; programs wherein promotion of a product or service is the principle purpose of the program; strategies to increase reimbursement; motivational programs; legal courses; professional organizational business meetings; speeches; practice building.


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