Military Personnel CE FAQs

1. Q. What if I am on active duty during the CE earning period and can’t earn my CE?
A. If you have served on active duty in excess of 31 days you may have your CE earning period extended by an amount equal to the total number of months spent on active duty.

2. Q. How do I receive an extension for earning CE if I served on active duty?
A. You must submit a request for an extension along with documentation certifying your active duty service and the length of service prior to the renewal deadline.

3. Q. If my active duty is beyond 31 days how is time calculated for an extension?
A. Any portion of a month is considered one full month after 31 days have been served.

4. Q. Can I get an extension if I was on active duty for less than 31 days?
A. No, you must be on active duty at least 31 days.

5. Q. Can I claim the training I received in the military as CE credit to renew my license?
A. You may submit evidence or documentation of your education, training or service at least 30 days prior to the renewal deadline and the Board will determine if it fulfills your CE requirements.


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