Q.   I’d like to offer CBD products in my office, is this legal?

A.   Licensees may administer, sell, distribute, recommend or provide advice regarding hemp and hemp products with a THC content of no more
      than three-tenths of a percent. If you have questions please visit the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program website for information.

Q.   I’d like to hire a chiropractic physician who has graduated but is not yet licensed.  Can I have her work under my license?

A.    No, there are no exceptions to practicing without a license.

Q.   I am a licensed chiropractic physician in the state of Ohio. Can I practice dry needling?

A.    Yes, so long as you have earned the education, training and experience to competently and safely perform the procedure.

Q.   Where can I find educational opportunities to earn dry needling training?

A.    Reputable sponsors such as chiropractic colleges and academic institutions. Keep in mind that if you fail to earn proper education, training and experience to perform dry needling, you may be subject to discipline up to and including permanent revocation of licensure.

Q.   I possess a current acupuncture license from the State Medical Board of Ohio and am also licensed to practice chiropractic in Ohio. Do I need an acupuncture certificate from the Ohio State Chiropractic Board to practice acupuncture?

A.    No. So long as you possess a current acupuncture license from the State Medical Board of Ohio you may practice acupuncture. 

Q.   Does the Board require Informed Consent?

A.    No, however the Board strongly recommends that licensees obtain written Informed Consent from patients to acknowledge their understanding and agreement to the potential consequences of their care.

For further information regarding the below FAQs, please refer to the Board’s Billing Practices Rule http://codes.ohio.gov/oac/4734-9-07

Q:   Am I prohibited from offering and/or advertising free services?

A:    No.  Professional services are excluded from the $75 promotional item limitation.

Q:   Can I give free professional services via a gift card or gift certificate?

A:    No, you cannot give a gift card or gift certificate of any kind.

Q:   What can I give a patient in reward for a referral?

A:    A promotional item valued at not more than $75.  You may also offer professional services, product samples or literature (these items are not subject to the $75 limit).

Q:   Is an account credit considered offering cash or a cash equivalent in violation of the Board’s rule?

A:    Yes.

Q:   Can I give a gift card or gift certificate valued at $75 or less?

A:    No, you cannot give a gift card or gift certificate of any kind 

Q:    What is an example of a promotional item?

A:    Coffee mugs, t-shirts, pens, magnets, key chains, etc.

Q:   Can I serve refreshments at chiropractic educational lectures?

A:    Yes, refreshments are not considered promotional items and are not subject to the $75 limit.

Q:   Can I give a patient a free sample of Biofreeze®?

A:    Yes.

Q:   Can I offer raffle tickets to my patients to enter into a drawing to win a TV or a Thanksgiving turkey?

A:    Yes, if the value of the item is $75 or less.

Q:   Can I provide transportation to a patient for their appointment if they do not have transportation?

A:    Yes.


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